DND Developers Ltd, a Rwandan based Real Estate company is set to share investment opportunities available in Rwanda that led to the construction of affordable homes to Rwandans attending Rwanda Day 2019 scheduled on 24th August 2019 in Germany and Diaspora Property Road Show on 30th – 31st August in London, UK.

Rwanda Day has been organized since 2010 and serves as a platform for bringing together all Rwandans from the diaspora and their friends to discuss how to further advance the development of the country and get up to speed on the current progress.

Rwanda Day presents opportunities for attracting foreign investments and networking.

Participants are given the floor to address their questions directly to the Head of State, share ideas and express their wishes as well.

At the occasion, Rwandans get insights into Rwanda’s progress and share ideas on ways forward.

DND is a Rwandan based Real Estate company that started in 2015. It is an emerging force in the domestic real estate industry.

DND was founded with the simple notion that a single developer with grand ambitions, clear vision, and well-coordinated strategy can change the trajectory of an industry and the market’s belief of what is possible.

The company has so far built numerous affordable townhouses and apartments in Nyarutarama, Gasabo district compared to other buildings in the area.

DND has successfully completed townhouses & apartments in the first two phases which were almost all sold and is currently working on the 3rd phase.

The General Manager of DND Developers Ltd, Eng. Daniel Mehari has told IGIHE that owning a home in Nyarutarama, an area associated with magnate occupants has been made easier.

During the upcoming Rwanda Day, DND Developers will share all these opportunities helping Rwandans to access infrastructures in their homeland.

“Almost 80% of DND Developers Ltd clients are from the diaspora. We are in touch and interact with them whenever they are convened in events taking place outside Rwanda. Even this year, we are going to participate in Rwanda Day which is due to take place in Bonn city, in Germany and Diaspora Property Road Show which is due to take place in London, UK. We will exhibit our project to help them access infrastructures in their homeland,” he said.

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